In the picture on the left we see Duncan Harty, of Morpeth Conservation Studio, removing an historic photograph from an inappropriate backing. As with so many photographs it was originally mounted on paper with the wrong chemical balance and this will lead to the photograph becoming marred with brown spots and eventually being totally destroyed.

Here Duncan is proving the old adage that prevention is better than cure. He removes the photograph and then remounts it on specialist backing that will not harm the photograph, thus preserving an important piece of history.

This work needs to be carried out by a conservator with specialist knowledge and considerable experience so as to ensure that no harm comes to the photograph during the conservation process. Morpeth Conservation Studio has both the knowledge and 20 years expert experience that enables them to produce the best possible results.

Many people have old photographs that have an historical or sentimental value and are irreplaceable. It is wise to have them professionally conserved so that they can be enjoyed by their current owner and by generations to come.

Morpeth Conservation Studio provides a comprehensive range of services for the treatment and preservation of photographic works.