Welcome to Morpeth Conservation Studio

Specialists in the conservation of works of art on paper

Morpeth Conservation Studio offers a comprehensive service for the care of, preservation of, and restoration of paintings on canvas or board, as well as works of art on paper: including prints, drawings, water colour paintings, photographs and a variety of other mixed media works. We are specialists in all areas of paper conservation, including the removal of foxing, de-acidification and washing.

Clients of studio include institutions such as Local Government Councils and Art Galleries, as well as providing a specialist art conservation service to the general public. The Studio also undertakes consultancy projects reports of condition for insurance.

Conservation of Works of Art on Paper

Morpeth Conservation Studio provides a comprehensive service in the treatment of damaged paper and the preservation of fragile or damaged works of Art on paper.

This includes removing works from old framing situations, removing old mounts, removing foxing, treating discolouration and acidity, leading to conservation framing of the treated paper for prolonged future preservation.

We offer a comprehensive service for the care of,
preservation of, and restoration of

Trick Art. Art 3d drawing on paper. This is an anamorphic illusion draw. Time lapse drawing a crocodile. Drawing in 3D. Fine Art. How to draw 3d crocodile. 3D visual illusion. 3D artistic draw.
Mixed media. Materials used:
Pastell paper: light gray.
H graphit and charcoal pencils (Derwent)
White pencil: PITT White Faber-Castell brand
Grey markers: Letraset PROMARKER cool grey
Soft eraser.
Music: Topher Mohr and Alex Elena: Garage,
Youtube Audio Library.
By Vamos Sandor, copyright, 2014.